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Stock Exchange Smart Guide

Learn the basic definitions, the different instruments, and the tools of price analysis.

Trading Guides


25 indicators. Find the indicators matching Your strategy and learn their trading signals through examples!

Candlestick patterns

88 candlestick patterns. Increase Your profit by recognising candlestick patterns and analysing the market with their help.

Chart patterns

31 chart patterns. Recognise triangles and breakouts, calculate the target prices defined by them.

Option strategies

49 option strategies. Apply the strategies that best suit your purposes and learn how to calculate their potential profit and risk through examples.

About Huntraders


We are the first step of every trader. Huntraders is an independent, free database and material collection in the topic of stock , options and forex trading. The aim of the founders is to support traders through their development to achieve their goals. Join our online learning community and learn how to trade successfully on the markets.


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Trading Courses for Beginners

  • Best place to learn the basics and technical analysis
  • 1.000 slides and 550 quizzes
  • 8 in-depth modules

Would You like to be a trader but don’t know where to start? The independent traders of Huntraders with more than 10 years of trading experience have composed an exceptional E-Learning System specially developed for beginners. The system teaches all topics from Forex trading to Option trading. Learn about several instruments and start to hunt profit quickly! Learn trading from the Huntraders Team!

The modules of trading course


David Palotas

As the name suggests, Huntraders is a site supporting profit hunters. This is the first site with such in-depth description of basic definitions and necessary tools of trading both in Hungarian and English language.

Janos Czegle

Huntraders is the first step to acquire the necessary knowledge of trading. Then it is the second step, third step, and so on… If You want to be a trader, You better prepare to never stop learning – Your knowledge will need continuous expansion.

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