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Huntraders is a web-based stock, option and forex trading educational center, created by professional, independent traders, where we teach you the basics of professional trading through our step-by-step guided courses.

Since 2007, we, the Huntraders team, have been working hard to provide such knowledge to the participants of the financial industry that has been availabe only for a small group of people. The main profile of our firm is American stock and option trading. We have a large amount of professional study materials, dictionaries, and guides to help You to understand the trading and analyzing of such instruments and to support the financial success of future traders!

In the past 10 years we have provided support to several traders from beginner to professional with our decision-support software and training materials. Most of these materials are still available for free.


With 10 years of professional support, free trading education, and personal lessons, we have earnt to be the first step for those who wish to invest their savings on the stock, option and forex markets.

Huntraders was one of the first websites to share free trading study materials online. The course includes technical analysis and basic information about stock, option and forex trading. This was a milestone which made it possible for anyone to learn about trading from the basics.

Currently our office is located in London, from where we are helping all traders by providing the training materials from forex trading, through the world of bonds, to money and risk management via our E-Learning System.

I’m 37 years old and I’ve been trading actively to make my dream come true. I have a degree in electrical engineering, but I was more interested in trading after university.


I wanted to break free!


In the first year I started trading with corporate stocks on the US Stock Markets. After some time, I became interested in the derivatives market. I noticed how the earned profit was in correlation with my experience and expanded knowledge over the years. I realised that bonds are also important factors of accumulating wealth. I learnt to control my emotions to avoid impulsive decisions, to manage risks, and to handle my capital responsibly.


I decided to make this knowledge available to others.


In 2007, I have developed the first stock filtering software in Hungary with my colleagues. Furthermore, we have made hundreds of pages of trading study materials. This was the largest free Hungarian trading library. Within the 10 years of both successful and unsuccessful trading, I have faced several situations and had to make hard decisions. As the founder of Huntraders, my number one goal is to support all beginner and advanced traders, including Yourself. My aim is to help You prepared for possible trading situations, teach You to securely manage Your investments, and to make You utilize your thorough knowledge to earn a stable profit with trading!



My favourite exchanges: - NASDAQ, NYSE - CBOE - EURONEXT – ASX
My favourite software: - Trader Workstation - Think or Swim - Trade Ideas - PPro8
My favourite instruments: - Option - Stock - Bond – ETF
My favourite strategies: - USA daytade using ECN stop order types - M&A companies liquidity providing - ASX penny-stocks trading - EURONEXT closing auction trading
My favourite brokerages: - Interactive Brokers - TastyTrade - DTTW



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Lámfalussy Sándor

Alexandre Lamfalussy is known as the father of the Euro. He was one of the most influencing person of the international financial life. He arrived to Belgium as a migrant in 1949 with only a suitcase and some money. 50 years later he presented for printing works the first plans of the Euro banknotes, the second strongest international currency in the world.


Thomas Peterffy

Thomas Peterffy has migrated to the United States in 1965 without money and speaking English. Currently he is the 82nd richest person in the world, and the 31st richest person in the United States. He is the father of electronic trading on the Wall Street and the founder and majority owner of Interactive Brokers. According to Forbes his net worth exceeds USD 11 billion.


Nicolas Darvas

Nicolas Darvas is one of the biggest legends of the Wall Street, he wrote several successful books, and is the only Hungarian after whom a famous indicator was named (Darvas Box). In his trading practice, he manged to purchase stocks that exceeded 52-weeks high. Thanks to his approach he received USD 2.4 million in 18 months in 1957-58.


André Kosztolany

Andre Kosztolany was born in Hungary in a Jewish family and became a famous stockbroker and speculator. He was one of the most outstanding trading experts acknowledged worldwide.. He lived in Paris from a young age, but also spent time in New York. He wrote 19 books and sold approximately 1.5-2 million copies in 9 languages. He was a worldwide demanded lecturer and author of several economic and financial journals.