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Huntraders is an online Trading Education Center and Community Space created by professional, independent traders to let traders and experts share their thoughts, participate in professional events, learn and trade together.

We, the Huntraders team, have been working since 2007 to provide financial market players with knowledge that, up to now, had only been available to a small group.

With the founding of Huntraders, formerly known as BetBulls, we were the first in Hungary to share for free the basic information needed for stock market trading (including information regarding technical analysis, stock and option trading), thus breaking the traditions and making the basics of trading available to anyone!

Through more than 10 years of continuous development, we have striven to support both beginner and advanced traders with a number of self-developed trading decision support software and publications, most of which are still available free of charge.

With the continuous professional support and clear, free-of-charge educational materials, personal lectures as well as the regular organization of professional events and presentations, we, the Huntraders, deserved to be the first step for everyone who seeks to increase his/her savings by trading on the stock market and to gain the necessary in-depth knowledge!

The experience which we acquired over the years has shown that the Hungarian trading scene is fragmented, with a lack of professional communities and study groups.

Ten years after our founding, in 2018, two enthusiastic Hungarian traders came together with the aim to create a community that provides its members with equal opportunity to learn, and that involves, as an important precondition, knowledge sharing among Experts.


Huntraders Club

The new dimension of signal service and social trading


In line with international trends, there is a growing demand in Hungary for social trading led by Experts and experienced traders. We have recognized that learning, analysing and trading together are the essence of professional communities. The Huntraders Club aims to improve the quality of current trading education, enhance trading performance, promote innovation and knowledge transfer, utilize information and communication technologies, and create a dynamically growing community where everyone who is interested in the stock market can find the opportunities they seek for and share their experiences and successes online or at Huntraders’ events!

We strive to promote the development of Club Members with a large amount of educational materials and systematic dictionaries and guides, thus assisting the prospective traders in their first steps and financial success!

Today, from Forex trading through the world of bonds to money and risk management, we provide educational materials on every topic so that we can support prospective traders in as many matters as possible! With the growth of the Huntraders Club Expert base, more and more educational materials will become available to the Huntraders Club members.


Our Community


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Lámfalussy Sándor

Alexandre Lamfalussy is known as the father of the Euro. He was one of the most influencing person of the international financial life. He arrived to Belgium as a migrant in 1949 with only a suitcase and some money. 50 years later he presented for printing works the first plans of the Euro banknotes, the second strongest international currency in the world.


Thomas Peterffy

Thomas Peterffy has migrated to the United States in 1965 without money and speaking English. Currently he is the 82nd richest person in the world, and the 31st richest person in the United States. He is the father of electronic trading on the Wall Street and the founder and majority owner of Interactive Brokers. According to Forbes his net worth exceeds USD 11 billion.


Nicolas Darvas

Nicolas Darvas is one of the biggest legends of the Wall Street, he wrote several successful books, and is the only Hungarian after whom a famous indicator was named (Darvas Box). In his trading practice, he manged to purchase stocks that exceeded 52-weeks high. Thanks to his approach he received USD 2.4 million in 18 months in 1957-58.


André Kosztolany

Andre Kosztolany was born in Hungary in a Jewish family and became a famous stockbroker and speculator. He was one of the most outstanding trading experts acknowledged worldwide.. He lived in Paris from a young age, but also spent time in New York. He wrote 19 books and sold approximately 1.5-2 million copies in 9 languages. He was a worldwide demanded lecturer and author of several economic and financial journals.