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Learning platform developed by trading experts! 

What is included in the E-Learning System?

Huntraders’ Experts have developed a perfect trading education system to help beginner and advanced traders to gain the necessary knowledge from the basics to the top of technical analysis. So far 9 complete stock market courses, 1,700 slides and 630 quiz questions are at Your disposal within the e-learning system, 100% in English.

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All stock market educational materials are available through the Huntraders Trading E-Learning platform. The system is designed to provide You the knowledge, test the knowledge You gathered and monitor Your development.

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You will be rewarded with badges/awards after completing each course. You can go back to pending or even completed lessons anytime so that You can reiterate what you already learnt.

Among the courses, You can learn the basics of successful trading and the techniques utilised by professionals in your own pace, following our carefully designed thematics to.


Exactly what courses are we talking about?

Each course consists of lessons, and lessons are built up of slides. Through these slides, You will step-by-step learn the basics and secrets of trading. The slides include colourful figures and live examples to make the lessons easier to digest and understand.

Each slide and the entire E-Learning system is available in both Hungarian and in English, which counts as a unicum compared to other similar stock, option and forex trading educational platforms!

How do the training slides look like?
Here is an example:

+ Huntraders SHORTS - NEW 2023!


Boost your trading education and expand your skillset with Huntraders Shorts, a premium add-on designed to provide you with quick, accessible, and relevant trading insights. For just $19 per month, you'll complement your E-Learning subscription with a treasure trove of short, informative content covering various trading categories. Stay informed, refine your strategies, and elevate your trading performance by incorporating the valuable knowledge and insights offered by Huntraders Shorts into your learning journey.  


Unlock the full potential of your trading education with Huntraders Shorts, a premium add-on designed to elevate your learning experience. By pairing Huntraders E-Learning with Shorts, you'll enjoy quick, digestible content that delves into a wide array of trading categories. Experience a well-rounded and thorough trading education that conveniently fits into your busy schedule, and stay ahead in the competitive world of finance with Huntraders Shorts.


Maximize your learning potential with Huntraders Shorts' curated content, carefully crafted to enhance your understanding of complex trading concepts in a time-efficient manner.

In the E-Learning system, each course is followed by quizzes so that You can test your knowledge! Answering over 630 questions will contribute to Your development and will make the learning easier.

We also considered the needs of more experienced traders, hence, each course comes with an Extra quiz! Learn effectively, learn from home

What are all these courses, the many slides and quizzes good for?

To understand experts’ thinking and strategies so that You can deepen your knowledge and trade more confident! 


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Some of the reasons why others have chosen Huntraders

(and have been trading successfully since then)

Immediately accessible

During Your membership, all courses and the E-Learning system are immediately available to You at any time!


You can track your development and test Your knowledge both in Hungarian and in English!


Thematiccaly developed curriculum to build Your knowledge from the basics to the professional trading techniques!

From professional traders

The courses have been developed based on many years of experience of stock market experts, to provide You real knowledge and valuable support!


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After activating your Membership,  the E-Learning platform and a large number of educational materials become immediately available for You! It is not necessary to download or print since You can access and revisit any of the materials You want anytime through the Online E-Learning platform!

It’s the time to make money consciously!
You already have the dedication, we will give You the knowledge!


(a non-exhaustive list)
David Palotas

As the name suggests, Huntraders is a site supporting profit hunters. This is the first site with such in-depth description of basic definitions and necessary tools of trading both in Hungarian and English language.

Janos Czegle

Huntraders is the first step to acquire the necessary knowledge of trading. Then it is the second step, third step, and so on… If You want to be a trader, You better prepare to never stop learning – Your knowledge will need continuous expansion.

Don’t waste your time! Start developing and become a professional trader!