Trading E-Learning System

What does the E-Learning system encompass?

The E-Learning system will help you understand the basics and advanced concepts of trading, as well as provide you with practical strategies and tips to maximize your profits. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, our E-Learning are tailored to meet your needs and improve your trading knowledge. From technical analysis and risk management, to trading Crypto, our E-Learning cover it all.


The basics of capital markets

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental workings of various marketplaces in the thrilling arena of stock exchanges.

Modules: 6 Lessons: 38 Quiz: 146

Technical analysis

Cryptocurrencies? Tech-shares? This lecture is for You! Recognise trends, correction levels, and earn larger profits!

Modules: 19 Lessons: 71 Quiz: 98

The art of Japanese Candlesticks

Attain improved results and attain greater profits through mastering the art of interpreting candlestick patterns.

Modules: 9 Lessons: 87 Quiz: 91

Technical indicators

The key to higher profits! Enhance the success rate of your trades through proper interpretation of indicator trading signals.

Modules: 14 Lessons: 106 Quiz: 124

Chart formations

Master the art of chart patterns! Essential education for technical analysts to achieve better results and maximize profits.

Modules: 7 Lessons: 63 Quiz: 122

Money and Risk Management

Achieve greater profits and reduce potential losses through effective risk management strategies.

Modules: 3 Lessons: 33 Quiz: 139

Options and Strategies

Manage your risks on a professional level and get to know the different strategies. Protect yourself with options.

Modules: 7 Lessons: 104 Quiz: 208

Forex Trading

Are you interested in forex trading? This book can teach everything you need for safe and successful trading!

Modules: 16 Lessons: 79 Quiz: 158

Crypto & NFT Basics

Want to learn about crypto and NFTs? Our comprehensive e-learning course covers the technology, market, and potential use cases. Enroll now and stay ahead in the digital economy.

Modules: 12 Lessons: 47 Quiz: 82