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Premium trading courses

Interested in stock market trading, but there is no one to teach You? Then I created this for You!

Are you looking for predictable revenues and profit? I’ll help You!

The trading educational materials I compiled are primarily for beginner traders who seek to gain in-depth knowledge of the utilization of methods, tools, and strategies needed for successful trading.

In addition to the introduction and the fundamentals of the capital market, I also focus on describing the tools of technical analysis, but You can also learn about risk management techniques that are essential for trading. In my educational materials, I will explain in detail the basics of stock options and the various options strategies and their characteristics through real-life examples.

What is included in the educational materials?

  • Over a decade of professional trader experience
  • More than 550 lessons of thematically structured and clearly explained materials
  • Real-life examples, explanations and analyzes with color illustrations
  • More than 500 quiz questions to check Your knowledge

If You want to be at the top of the trading profession, then my premium trading educational materials are the perfect choice for You!

Csaba Gyenes / Huntraders courses







The basics of capital markets

Have you just started learning about trading? We can help!

It is inevitable to learn the basics before starting to trade on the stock exchange.

The “Basics of capital markets” lecture teaches the attributes of money, capital, and securities markets. The presentation includes the following topics: the development of stock exchanges, the order book, stock exchange trading processes, and the elements of orders.

The presentation contains 21 slides.

The basics of capital markets

It is mandatory for every trader! Learn the basics of how different markets work in the exciting world of stock exchanges.

The foundations of technical analysis

Do you trust numbers more than news? Then this presentation has been prepared just for you!

It is important to understand the basics precisely to start trading on the stock exchange. Technical analysis cannot determine the fair value of financial instruments. Instead, it is looking for market conditions where the future price movements are highly predictable.

This lecture contains the following topics: the basics of technical analysis, the Dow theory, recognising trends, drawing trendlines, using support and resistance levels and their significance, channel lines, correction levels, and market gaps. The Elliott wave theory is included in the second part of the chapter with a step-by-step guidance for the technical analysis.

The presentation contains 97 slides.

The foundations of technical analysis

Cryptocurrencies? Tech-shares? This lecture is for You! Recognise trends, correction levels, and earn larger profits!

The art of Japanese Candlesticks

Would you like to understand how to use candlesticks? We will show you how to use them for your investments and how to earn money with them!

Observing candlesticks can help to make good decisions when opening and closing positions.

The lecture describes the origins, the role, and the illustration of candlesticks. Different illustration techniques are introduced, such as the Heikin-Ashi or the CandlePower. The chapter contains 88 candlestick formations shown in categories with their most important attributes and criteria for recognition. Every single candle formation example belongs to a real.

The presentation contains 160 slides.

The art of Japanese Candlesticks

Better results, bigger profits? Yes! With the help of the lecture of candlestick patterns!

Technical indicators

This is an essential lecture in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Indicators are numerical sequences derived from mathematical formulas applied on the instrument’s price movements. Technical indicators examine price movements from different aspects.

The presentation emphasises the basics of the indicators and the preparation of investment decisions based on the indicators. Furthermore, divergences and their early and correct recognition are introduced. It is also shown how to draw them. The material contains 25 detailed indicator examples with theoretical descriptions and with the interpretation of their trading signals used in practice.

The presentation contains 183 slides.

Technical indicators

The recipe of larger profits! Increase the ratio of successful deals by correctly interpreting trading signals of indicators!

Chart formations

This book is mandatory for successful trading! Save money on special courses and apply chart patterns for a more secure analysis and trading.

The patterns are reliable from a trading point of view and can provide information about the future behaviour of the share. This chapter teaches how to recognise different formations and in what time horizon it is worth to examine them. There are 31 chart patterns introduced in the chapter, describing the specific parameters, the trading volume, and the calculation of the target price. There are real examples shown for every formation.

The presentation contains 150 slides.

Chart formations

The mandatory book of technical analysts! Save money on courses and make sure you learn the essentials here!

Money and Risk Management

Don’t you mind risking more to earn more? Then this book is mandatory for you!

This lecture is looking for the answers to the following questions: why, where, when, and how. The most important thing is to learn that not earning profit is the ultimate goal but to keep the initial capital. After assessing the market, the opportunities, and our risk appetite, we must decide what percentage of our money we would like to risk on one trade. How much should be risked on one position? Nowadays traders trying to gain profit on the stock exchange are more exposed to risks than before. Everyone knows that it is possible to lose money on the equity market. On a recessing market a profit maximising strategy can change to a loss minimizing strategy.

This presentation describes the different management techniques. Furthermore, the different profit maximizing and risk minimizing strategies are shown through real examples.

The presentation contains 53 slides.

Money and Risk Management

Maximize your profits and minimize your losses with different management techniques!

Options and Strategies

Are You interested in options, but you don’t know where to start? We will teach you to earn profit with option strategies! This presentation contains all necessary information that you need for option trading.

Options are one of the most complex instruments which makes them one of the financial products with the best risk/return ratio. When trading with options, the deal is not primarily about the option itself but the right to sell/buy the underlying product. Researchers says that with the combination of basic options every market situation can be modelled, and profit can be generated (even when there is a large pullback or a slow sideways movement). Options may seem complex first, but they are more flexible than other products. An insurance can be bought on shares, we can gain extra income, and it is possible to generate profit without knowing the direction of the share. Option trading can quantify the probability of our investment to reach breakeven. The lecture summarises the history of options and introduces the readers to the world of options through live examples. The first part of the lecture is about the risks and the professionally used definitions. The basic options are described while the factors influencing share price, their measurement, and their quantification are highlighted. Different hedging and arbitrage techniques are taught in this presentation, to show how to earn risk-free profit.

This lecture provides knowledge that is available for really few people.

The presentation contains 120 slides.

Options and Strategies

Manage your risks on a professional level and get to know the different strategies. Protect yourself with options.

The lexicon for beginner forex traders! Are you afraid of starting to trade? Are you still looking at your demo account? Are you afraid of taking risks that can generate large returns? Then this book is for you!

This lecture includes the basic definitions of forex, the interpretation of economic indicators and their effect on the market. Furthermore, the different brokerage types and the trading mechanisms are described here. We would like to provide help to trade safely with detailed descriptions about the processes. The second part of the chapter summarises the most commonly used trading platforms and the opportunities and limits of automated trading are further elaborated.

The presentation contains 118 slides.

Forex Trading

Are you interested in forex trading? This book can teach everything you need for safe and successful trading!

Crypto & NFT Basics

Are you ready to dive into the world of crypto and NFTs? Our "Crypto & NFT Basics" E-learning course is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of these rapidly growing technologies.

You'll learn about the different types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and their use cases. You'll also get a deep understanding of NFTs, including what they are, how they work, and their potential use cases in various industries such as art, gaming, and collectibles.

Our course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the technology, market, and potential use cases of crypto and NFTs. You'll also learn about the potential benefits and risks involved, so you can make informed decisions about your investments.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead in the digital economy. Enroll in our "Crypto & NFT Basics" E-learning course today and start your journey towards mastering these exciting technologies

The presentation contains 260 slides.

Crypto & NFT Basics

Want to learn about crypto and NFTs? Our comprehensive e-learning course covers the technology, market, and potential use cases. Enroll now and stay ahead in the digital economy.

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